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One charming small town. Two business rivals.

And a whole lot of chocolate...


Kindhearted candymaker Sadie Hamilton wants nothing to do with Mr. Anti-sugar who’s opening a business right next door.


Especially since she’s trying to save her struggling confectionery from going under while he’s introducing a brand-new shiny establishment that will be a direct competitor to her little store.


Between caring for his ailing mother and launching a risky new venture, billionaire philanthropist Landon Morris doesn’t have time for distractions. Which is particularly aggravating since he can’t get the feisty owner of Sadie’s Sweet Shop out of his head.


They’re complete opposites, but as their paths continue to cross—and they’re forced to share a booth at the Sips & Sweets Festival—they realize some connections can’t be denied, no matter how unexpected.


Can they put aside their contention long enough to learn from each other’s differences? Or will they let love—and a chance at happily ever after—slip through their fingertips?

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