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An extravagant wedding to plan.

A blossoming childhood crush.

And a secret ready to uproot everything...

When event planner Olivia Parker heads home to help plan her brother’s wedding, she decides to keep her painful divorce a secret so she doesn’t ruin his big day. 

Easier said than done when her feelings for a childhood friend start to blossom into something more…

Flower farmer Reed Hollis has never forgotten the only woman who ever captured his heart. He also hasn’t forgotten that she’s very, very married. 

Burying his emotions along with his tulip bulbs, he decides to keep his distance while she’s in town. 

Not a bad plan. Until he’s roped into helping with the wedding. 

As the two work together, can they overcome their deep-rooted fears and painful secrets? Or will their budding romance wither on the vine?

Cookie Dough Recipe

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