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Eliza Carter has a secret. 

And it's not the recipe for her world-famous tiramisu... 

With her bakery undergoing a remodel, her son struggling in school, and planning her best friend's wedding, Eliza's secret is the last thing on her mind. Until her high school sweetheart reappears, stirring up old feelings faster than her electric mixer.


Grant Parker can't forget the girl he left behind. On the cusp of landing a huge client for his web design business, he's willing to risk it all for a second chance with his first love. And maybe a second helping of her mouthwatering desserts. 

When Grant offers to help Eliza create an online store for her unique, new business idea, and spends time with Eliza and her son, the stakes rise faster than a loaf of yeast bread. 

But when Eliza's secret is revealed, can their love survive the truth? Or will they both end up getting burned?


Also available in LARGE PRINT and audiobook!

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The Truth in Tiramisu

The Truth in Tiramisu

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 "I have fallen in love with this quaint town and wonderful people."

"The coffee and desserts add a splash of flavor to the entire series."

"Ms. Bloome writes the best stories and fascinating characters."

"The best part of Poppy Creek are the characters who have touched my heart and given me hope too."

"The kind of book you want to read on the patio with a good cup of coffee or on your favorite chair wrapped in a warm blanket."

"I’m hooked on the Poppy Creek series. My girlfriends and I race through them and enjoy talking about all the characters."

"It has every you could want in a small town love story."

"I could not put it down and got to bed at 5:30 am!"


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