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You've Got Mail 💌

An incredible blessing about being an author is connecting with readers over our shared love of stories. And one of the best ways to connect is via email. Each time a message from a reader hits my inbox, it's a thrill. In today's busy world, I'm so grateful whenever someone takes the time to reach out to me.

In turn, I touch base with readers via my newsletter. I send updates about my writing and personal life, offer special bonuses and giveaways, announce sales and new releases, and more.

Staying in touch with my readers is both a joy and a privilege. With so many emails bombarding our inboxes, wether we look forward to them or filter them into our spam folder, it's easy to miss one or two. Or twenty!

To combat the email overwhelm, I thought it would fun to pick the same delivery day each week, like setting a regular coffee date with a friend. Of course, if you've known me for any amount of time, you know life can sometimes be unpredictable, so please bear with me if the schedule shifts, on occasion.

That being said, can you help me decide the best day to send my newsletter by answering the poll below?

Which day of the week would you like to receive my newsletter?

  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

Thank you so much for your input!

Special note: around a book release, you may hear from me a little more frequently. I like to share cover reveals, sneak peeks, free chapters, and give away more goodies to celebrate.

Once again, thank you for voting. Your input means a lot to me.

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