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New York , New Year , New You


Sometimes it takes starting over to discover who we really are… 


Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, forced to choose between who you used to be and who you want to be?

And whichever path you choose will wind up hurting someone you love?


Well, if you haven’t, I can tell you firsthand: it’s the worst.

But it’s exactly where I find myself. In New York, the city of endless possibilities, faced with an impossible choice. Kinda like deciding between
Wicked and Hamilton on opening night, except the wrong decision could ruin your life.


And I have no idea what to do.

It all started three months ago, with a friendly family competition, decade-old bucket list, and a long overdue trek across the country.

But as I checked off tasks like learning to cook French cuisine (pro tip: it helps if you actually turn the oven on) and running a marathon (which is way longer than I thought), something remarkable happened.

I discovered skills and strengths I never knew existed, gained the respect I’d once deemed undeserved, and ditched my not-so-endearing nickname—Quincy “The Quitter” Carmichael.

I also reconnected with my childhood best friend’s older brother—who’s still swoon-level cute, by the way—and let’s just say, Nora Ephron would be proud.

But if I’ve learned anything from binge-watching romantic comedies, it’s that most happily ever afters come with a price. And not usually the one you expect.

So, here I am, torn between family and friendship, past and present, love and livelihood. And I could really use some advice.


Neurotic in New York

What happens when Quincy "The Quitter" Carmichael has to complete a decade's worth of resolutions in three months? Find out in this humorous and heartwarming novel about love, friendship, family, and the often bumpy road of self-discovery. 

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