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They’re polar opposites not looking for romance. But what will they do when it finds them?

Lucy Gardener is finally ready to settle down and stop job hopping. So, when her brother asks for her help to document the town’s quirky fall festivals for a promotional video for his inn, she’s up to the challenge. She was not, however, ready to share the task with a brooding former marine. And being attracted to the handsome grump is out of the question.

And yet… here she is…

Vick Johnson wants nothing to do with small town life. He has one last assignment, then he can put the close-knit community that has been a continual threat to his don’t-get-attached policy in his rearview mirror forever. He can’t let himself get distracted by his boss’s little sister despite her gorgeous eyes and bright, innocent smile.

Too bad he’s failing miserably…

But if Lucy and Vick want to make it to happily ever after, they have bigger problems than they realize—and more than a few secrets between them. Can they overcome the overwhelming obstacles? Or will their love fade like a whisper in the wind?

♥ If you love the power of hope, when opposites attract, and close-knit communities with fun, quirky events, you'll fall head-over-heels for this heartfelt and hopeful romance. ♥


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