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To her 1 million Instagram followers, Ivy Wilde has a perfect life.


She wanders the globe for her ethical lifestyle/travel blog, Wandering Ivy, along with her quirky, pink-haired bestie and photographer, Star Bishop. Plus, she's on track to win Most Influential Ethical Blogger of the Year.


That is, until her rival, Samantha Scott ~ AKA Saint Sammie ~ jumps ahead thanks to her viral post showcasing her valiant (and conveniently bikini-clad) rescue of an endangered baby sea turtle. 


In a panic, Ivy rethinks her plan to blog about Fair Trade chocolate shops in Paris. She needs something bigger. Something to capture the attention of the judges ~ and someone from her past. 


What begins as a simple project to help the owner of a local macaron shop, spirals into an adventure that will change her entire life ~ and lead to the shocking reveal of her long-kept secret. However, Ivy isn't the only one keeping secrets. The brooding American writer sharing their Airbnb apartment may not be what he seems, either. 


In the end, will Ivy lose everything that's ever mattered to her? Or will she discover her true self ~ and possibly love ~ in the most magical city on earth? 







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