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Get ready to fall in love with your
                                               new favorite small-town series...




I've always loved novels set in quirky, close-knit towns. And the inspiration for Poppy Creek was sparked by my own hometown and the surrounding area in Northern California. I think that's why so many readers have told me they want to move to Poppy Creek. It feels real because, in some ways, it is! I've stolen more inspiration from my life than just the setting. The coffee roasting process Frank Barrie invented was created by my father over thirty years ago. And we still employ it to this day in our family-owned and operated coffee roasting company. However, before you try to guess who's who... the characters are completely fictional. ;)

It's my hope that you fall in love with Poppy Creek as much as I have. Here's what readers have to say about it: 

"The town of Poppy Creek is sweet and endearing and the writing makes you feel like it’s either a place you’ve already been or somewhere you need to go!"

"I want to find Poppy Creek, rent a cottage, and spend the Christmas holidays there!"

"Wow, can I get to Poppy Creek? After I read this book, I wanted to move there!"

"Can I please go live in Poppy Creek? This author did such a wonderful job at building this fictional town, I felt I was really there."

"I adore the writing, the characters, the imagery, all of it! And I really want to move to Poppy Creek."

If you'd like to take your own trip to Poppy Creek, and see what the fuss is about, I'd recommend starting with Book #1 in the series, The Clause in Christmas. Yes, it's a Christmas book, but the endearing characters and themes of finding hope and family are worthwhile all year.

Blessings Bay Series





The Blessings Bay series came about in one of those unexpected but blissfully wonderful moments. I go into more detail in my blog, but the short version is that this series was inspired by a reader. And the gorgeous home on the cover is a charming and idyllic bed and breakfast in Jacksonville, IL. If you'd like to know more about the inspiration, please read Blessings on State Street: The Story Behind the Story

Here's what readers have to say about the first book in this new series: 

"A heartwarming story of living through loss and finding love in its many forms."

"Blessing Bay doesn't fail its name, this little town is blessing after blessing. A place of healing and renewal."

"A beautiful, touching, emotional book... about community and friendship and family."

"I loved the characters and sweet story line. It's uplifting and inspirational. I can't wait to read the next one in the series!"

"An engaging story with characters you love."

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