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Unlike most authors, I didn't always dream about writing a novel. I did, however, grow up as an avid reader, thanks to my mother who fostered an appreciation for literature at an early age. Over time, my fondness for reading developed into an interest in telling my own stories, and I found myself jotting down ideas. In my early twenties, I wrote a few screenplays and even started a novel, but eventually, the busyness of life took over, and I wrote less and less. 


Then, last December (2017), an idea for a Christmas romance emerged amid shopping lists, cookie recipes, and Advent Calendar activities. At first, I brushed it aside. Me, write a novel? Not likely! However, the idea only grew over the next several weeks. And before I knew it, fully formed characters were having conversations in my head, imploring me to tell their story. Not one for confrontation, I complied. And in under two months, I had a first draft of The Clause in Christmas. More than that, I had an insatiable desire to write.


After a lot of prayer, and conversations with my husband and family, I decided to dive headfirst into the world of writing. And it's been one of the best decisions of my life! I can't wait to publish my debut novel in October of 2019 and finally introduce you to the characters who started it all.  


In the meantime, thank you for joining me on this journey! I may give my characters life, but you give them purpose. For that, I'm grateful beyond words. 


Still like to know more? In my blog post, An Unlikely Author, I dive deeper into my personal life and the reason I became an author. 

Sultry Secret

Technically, she kissed her husband first.

(Though she rarely admits it.)

Fun Fact

Nails must be painted red, or not at all.

Sweet Surprises

She notoriously hates surprises. Except when her husband devises them. He has a super power when it comes to such things. Much to her chagrin.  

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Candy Crush

Anything with chocolate and hazelnuts.

(Ferrero Rocher)

Bold Brew

Black coffee is a morning


Beloved Books

Pride and Prejudice

Peter Pan and Wendy

Travel Treasures

A coffee mug is my go-to souvenir.


Paris, France